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Wedding photoshoot and video shooting for astonishing couple Tatiana and Alex

Wedding photoshoot and video shooting for astonishing couple Tatiana and Alex

The guys wanted me to provide not only a photo session, but also a video filming of their wedding in the city of Deventr. Yes, I do not only da wedding photo shoots in Amsterdam, but all over the Netherlands. I’ll tell you how the procedure for ordering a wedding photoshoot usually goes from and to.

In the beginning, the bride or groom usually send me an email or a WhatsApp message. They ask if I'm available on a certain date. If so, we usually set up a video call for discussing the details. It’s always important to see and feel if we are suitable for each other. As a rule, at this stage, the very first interaction begins, on which trust in the photographer is built.

I talked with Tatyana, we quickly realized that we would work together. After the conversation, I filled out a contract for the photoshoot and sent it to the guys for approval and signature.

On the day of shooting in the Netherlands there were strikes of train workers, and I had to go to the wedding photo shoot from Amsterdam to the city of Deventr, which is not close. But, fortunately, I found the train and arrived on time.

I arrived at the hotel and started taking photos of the bride's preparation, makeup, hair and of course the details. I love capturing all kinds of wedding details such as bridal bouquet, jewelry, bridal rings, wedding invitations, wedding dress and shoes. In the same time, I was filming a video too. The groom was preparing in another room, I also took pictures of him and then the couple met. Later we went for a wedding walk in the park. Wedding walk photo session took about 40 minutes. When we returned to the hotel, relatives and friends of the newlyweds were already waiting for us.

Next was the wedding ceremony with a beautifully decorated arch next to a wide river. The view was amazing too. It is very important to take care of the location of the arch and guests at the garden ceremony.

After the ceremony, cutting the wedding cake followed by various joyful games. Then the bride threw the wedding bouquet and the groom the garter. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were very supportive to the couple and it was clear that they were very good and fun friends.

I want to say right away that a very experienced photographer could take photos and film videos in the wedding at the same time. However, if the wedding is very large, I recommend hiring a videographer separately, because not all moments can be filmed at the same time.

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