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Family photography in Amsterdam

If you think that everyone who comes to Amsterdam, have a photo session only in the city, then you are mistaken. The Netherlands is not only a country of houses, tulips and bicycles, but also a very diverse and rich nature.

Why do we take photos of ourselves and our children? So that we can recall unforgettable moments when the children grow up, laugh a lot and carelessly run after each other. Of course not to forget to mention that beloved grandparents will be happy to get a printed photographs or photo albums as a precious gift.

Everyone thinks that photographing children is difficult and they are right, but if the photographer is experienced and knows how to communicate with children, then it will be easy, fun and productive for everyone. I can work with children of any age, parents can be calm and confident that it will turn out right!

How to choose clothes for a family photo session in Amsterdam?

To do this, you need to decide: will we shoot in the city or in nature?

For the photoshoot you dream of in Amsterdam or other cities in the Netherlands, I can recommend clothes that will fit harmoniously into the surroundings. It can be any light and bright colors, preferably without patterns, patterns, chain and stripes. For outdoor family photography, you need to consider the time of year. In summer, these are delicate pastel shades, and in bright autumn colors can be natural muted shades such as orange, yellow, red, bordo, green, beige and brown. I can always advise you on the selection of a combination of your outfits.

Book a family photoshoot in Amsterdam and I will make sure that you will have unforgettable memories!!!

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